Water Collection and Erosion

Prevent storm water run off from leaving the site to encourage infiltration.
Create shallow detention basins
Build check dams in washes to slow run off and reduce eros
Terrace horse turn outs
Grade arenas as shallow detention basins
Collect and store rainwater from house and barn roofs to use
irrigation, livestock water and dust control.




Items included in Water Section of Area Plan submitted to County Planning and Development June 2016.

Prepare for Monsoon Season Now

flood control

For more information please call:
FCD Communications Officer Anna Johnson, (602) 506-6762

Phoenix, AZ                                                          June 13, 2016

Residents Urged to be “Flood Smart” this Monsoon Season
June 13-17 is Flood Awareness Week
After a record-breaking monsoon season two years ago, Maricopa County is urging valley residents to be “flood smart” this summer by understanding their risks and being prepared to take action if a flood occurs.

Floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States, causing more than $25 billion in losses over the last 10 years. The National Flood Insurance Program paid over $7 million in flood insurance claims last year-just in Maricopa County.

“The 2014 monsoon season reminded us all that flooding does happen in the desert, and the location can change with each storm,” said Chief Engineer Bill Wiley of the Flood Control District of Maricopa County. “Just because you haven’t been flooded in past years, does not mean you won’t be flooded in the future. People should prepare for flooding no matter where they live.”

This monsoon season, Maricopa County encourages you to:
•Be prepared by purchasing flood insurance and taking steps to protect your home.
•Be safe by avoiding flooded intersections and washes.
•Be informed by checking the Weather Outlook and flood forecasts available at www.fcd.maricopa.gov .

Schedule of Flood Awareness Topics:
•June 13: Floods Happen-Know your risk and be prepared.
•June 14: Do you live in a flood-prone area? Stay informed.
•June 15: Do you need flood insurance?
•June 16: Protect your family and property.
•June 17: When floods are near-steer clear!

Flood Awareness Week Videos:

Protect Your Property & Family

How to Make & Use Sandbags

It’s Monsoon Season: Floods Happen

Turn Around, Don’t Drown!

Each day during Flood Awareness Week, FCD will provide information about how you can prepare for flood emergencies at www.fcd.maricopa.govand on Facebook. Visit http://www.fcd.maricopa.gov/flooding/storm-prep.aspx for more information about how you can be prepared for this monsoon season.


The Flood Control District of Maricopa County helps residents reduce their risk of injury, death, and property damage from flooding, while still enjoying the natural and beneficial features of floodplains. Learn more about the FCD by visiting www.FCD.Maricopa.Gov, or call (602) 768-3500.