Welcome to the Rio Verde Foothills Resource Center

Welcome to The Rio Verde Foothills Resource Center

Our purpose is to be the liaison for the residents of the Rio Verde Foothills, addressing long term community wide issues. We interface with appropriate agencies to create innovative solutions to maintain the character and quality of life in the RVF.

  • To be the online Resource Center for the community at www.RioVerdeFoothillsResourceCenter.com
  • Gather and share information with the residents of the Rio Verde Foothills via the online portal.
  • Be the place where residents come to find “who to call” when needing help resolving community issues.

Current Projects:

  • Providing input for the updating of Rio Verde Foothills Area Plan to properly reflect the goals of the community
  • Water Resources
  • Drainage and Flood Control
  • Rio Verde Drive ingress/egress safety issues
  • Building practices and proper inspections to ensure quality construction
  • Lot splits and site access issues
  • RVF neighborhood access to Preserve along 136th

How To Participate

With the many challenges and changes the RVF face, resident participation is vital. If you need help with an issue and don’t know where to start, or would like to help find and create innovative solutions that reflect the uniqueness of the area, let us know  using the form below. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible.